the day my story went off script.

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I sat in a wheelchair in my parents’ house, weak and recovering from the sudden respiratory failure that had nearly taken my life and the life of my firstborn son. I had imagined myself as the best of parents — …

when God’s face goes dark.

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Three years ago this fall, I quietly faced one of the bleakest seasons of my life. People and roles and thoughts I used to cover myself peeled away like discarded labels, leaving me unclothed and uncategorized. I had no home. …

the seduction of our enemies.

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There is undeniable joy in having an enemy. Enemies give us a place for our pain — a direction for our anger and our aches and our energy. They put a face and a cause to our suffering; they give us a …

finding God in the midst of your mess.

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King Ahaz of Judah is going to fix things. Syria and Israel have joined forces to conquer him, and it’s only a matter of time until the battle begins (Isaiah 7). By night, he lies awake in terror, his heart …

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