don’t let discouragement choke you.

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Yesterday, I wrote about the right response to our greatest struggles with sin. What I didn’t say is that the sins we think are our greatest struggles are probably not the real issue.

The more I dig to the bottom of my heart, the more I realize that the root of all my sin is unbelief. I simply don’t trust God to be who He says He is or do what He says He will do. My lack of faith leads to discouragement, when threatens to strangle my faith or, far worse, the faith of others.

That’s why the best thing I read on the web this week was a post from Jon Bloom about fighting back against the discouragement that comes from doubt:

…“What’s tempting you to discouragement today? Are you having a hard time believing that God really will work for good what looks so bad to you?

Then it’s time to fight, not pout or shrink. Think of discouragement as your faith being choked. When you’re choking, it’s not the time to plop down in front of the TV with a plate of comfort food to medicate your melancholy. You need to dislodge the obstruction so you can breathe. You need to fight for life. You may need to get someone to give you the Heimlich.

Go get encouragement — faith-fueled courage. Don’t let discouragement choke you….

We must stand up and make war against doubt — we can’t take unbelief lying down.

It’s worth a few minutes to read the whole article here.

Praying for you today.

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